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SEC 435 Week 5 Discussion Case Study NEW

  • SEC 435 Week 5 Discussion Case Study NEW
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SEC 435 Week 5 Discussion Case Study NEW

Case Study" Have an original post of no less than three or four paragraphs, and offer advice of a paragraph or two to at least one other student.  This is the proposal for your term paper due in week 9.  Papers should not be written in a one week or weekend, but should take some time to research, consider, and then draft.  Once drafted, ideally, one sleeps on the paper, so one can proof and revise one last time before submitting the final draft. 
 I expect a 400 level paper, so give some thought to your case study and provide me a short synopsis of what you hope to look at, why, and what you hope to learn or accomplish.  
• Research the web and find an appropriate incident related to either a successful or failed penetration testing effort, or a successful or unsuccessful hacking attempt against an organization, business or government facility. For the discussion lay out the basic details of the case, why you chose this case, and speculate on what specific lessons you learned from the case, as well as possible recommendations for future situations. This proposal should be no less than three or four paragraphs.

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