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MKT 312 Quiz 6 NEW

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MKT 312 Quiz 6 NEW

Question 1
Forms of alternative marketing include the following, except:
Question 2
Word-of-mouth marketing is also known as:
Question 3
Branded entertainment:
Question 4
In terms of the video game market, females:
Question 5
The planned insertion of a brand or product into a movie, television show, or some other media program with the purpose of influencing viewers is:
Question 6
POP stands for:
Question 7
Lifestyle marketing:
Question 8
A special form of buzz marketing that uses surreptitious practices to introduce a product to individuals is:
Question 9
Product placement:
Question 10
Forms of alternative media programs include the following, except:
Question 11
The technology that allows a cell phone user to just tap on a phone number in an advertisement rather than dialing the number is called:
Question 12
The key factors that influence the effectiveness of product placement and branded entertainment include the following, except:
Question 13
Identifying marketing methods associated with the hobbies and entertainment venues of a target market is:
Question 14
Currently, mobile phone advertising is considered:
Question 15
Guerilla marketing:
Question 16
Two common forms of database coding are:
Question 17
The two primary metrics of CRM are:
Question 18
Destiny is getting ready to close her sales call. She assumes the customer will say "yes" so she just asks how many cases they would like shipped. This is an example of the:
Question 19
In terms of the sales presentation, the ________ approach strives to discover customer needs during the first part of the sales presentation then provide solutions to those needs during the second part of the sales call.
Question 20
The most cost-effective means of communicating with customers and in building a data warehouse is:
Question 21
When promotional materials are only sent to customers who have given their approval, the program is called:
Question 22
Vending products to customers without the use of other channel members is:
Question 23
A marketing database contains:
Question 24
When Carrie hosts a party for Mark cosmetics and invites her friends and relatives in an effort to encourage them to purchase some Mark products, it is which method of direct response marketing?
Question 25
The least popular form of direct marketing is:
Question 26
An effective database contains:
Question 27
The mission-sharing sales approach:
Question 28
The need-satisfaction sales approach
Question 29
Frequent flier miles in airline travel are a form of:
Question 30
The program designed to build long-term loyalty and bonds with customers, facilitated by technology, is known as:

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