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HSA 315 Quiz 1 NEW

HSA 315 Quiz 1 NEW
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HSA 315 Quiz 1 NEW

Question 1 .  

Correct Medical records that are created and organized around the patient’s problems are known as:


. Question 2 .  

Correct A method for measuring performance that allows for the design of measurement systems that align with the organization’s strategy goals and examines multiple measures along several dimensions is known as:


. Question 3 .  

Correct HEDIS measures are specifically used to measure and compare the performance of:


. Question 4 .  

Correct Which organization is responsible for investigating fraud involving government health insurance programs?


. Question 5 .  

Correct Which is generally not considered part of a patient’s medical record:


. Question 6 .  

Correct The majority of problems with health care data content can generally be traced to:

. Question 7 .  

Correct Raw unprocessed healthcare facts generally stored as characters, words, or symbols is known as:


. Question 8 .  

Correct Health care data is most useful and can be best used for decision making when processed into:


. Question 9 .  

Correct What professional organization has developed and published a data quality management tool that defines a specific set of characteristics of health care data that should always be present? 


. Question 10 .  

Correct Errors that can be attributed to a flaw or discrepancy in adherence to standard operating procedures or systems are known as: 


. Question 11 .  

Correct What decade did the IOM publish its landmark report, publish a report that called for the adoption of the computer-based patient record (CPR):


. Question 12 .  

Correct The type of information system that can be used to manage personnel, finances, materials supplies, or equipment is specifically known as a:


. Question 13 .  

Correct Value-based purchasing reimburses providers based on:


. Question 14 .  

Correct The resource-based relative value scale (RBRVS) that was introduced in the early 90s was initially designed to redistribute funds from:


Question 15 .  

Correct Data could be entered into a mainframe computer and viewed by an end user through a:

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