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HSM 410 Week 7 Course Project 2 (Death with Dignity Legislation) NEW

  • HSM 410 Week 7 Course Project 2 (Death with Dignity Legislation) NEW
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HSM 410 Week 7 Course Project 2 (Death with Dignity Legislation) NEW

This Tutorial contains the Complete Project based on Topic


(Death with Dignity Legislation)


Details of the Project


I)                   Introduction.                   

A.    History on the Death with Dignity legislation and what it actually means.

1)      Definition of terminal illness (Terminal Illness n.d.)

2)      Statistics of usage (Death with Dignity 2015)

3)      Measures to prevent patients abusing the law (Cobbs et al 2015).

4)      Oregon was a pioneer in the fight for Death with Dignity since it accepted it into law on November 8, 1994 (Reuter 2015).

5)      Other states that have followed suit since then are Washington, Montana, and Vermont (Reuter 2015).

a)       To date there are currently eleven states that are considering the Death with Dignity legislation during the current session (Korchnak, n.d.).    

B.     Who was Brittany Maynard and what she did to start this much needed conversation (Egan et al 2014).

1)      Ethics of allowing someone to choose the day they will die.

a)      The reasons that some people may choose this method to end their life.

b)     The reasons that so many people oppose this method of physician assisted suicide.

II)                The reasons that every state should pass this legislation.

A.    How the terminally ill patient would benefit from using this legislation.

1)      Challenges of the acceptance of the Death with Dignity Act (Stutsman 2015).

a)      Finding a Physician and a second opinion.

b)      Pharmacies rights and pricing.

c)      Being allowed to live and die with the personal choice that was made.

III. Conclusion;

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