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FIN 564 Week 1 Homework Problems NEW

  • FIN 564 Week 1 Homework Problems NEW
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FIN 564 Week 1 Homework Problems NEW

Fin 564 Week One – Assignment ( Chapter 2 – 1,2,18,19,26)
2.1 A particular security's equilibrium rate of return is 8 percent. For all securities, the inflation risk premium is 1.75 percent and the real interest rate is 3.5 percent. The security's liquidity risk premium is 0.25 percent and the maturity risk premium is 0.85 percent. The security has no special covenants.
Calculate the security's default risk premium. (LG 2-6)
2.2 You are considering an investment in 30-year bonds issued by Moore Corporation. The bonds have no special covenants. The Wall Street Journal reports that one-year T-bills are currently earning 3.25 percent. Your broker has determined the following information about economic activity and
Moore Corporation bonds: (LG 2-6)
2.18 Calculate present value of $5,000 received five years from today if your investments pay (LG 2-9)
2.19 What do your answers to these questions tell you about the relation between present values and interest rates and between present values and the number of compounding periods per year?
2.26 Compute the future values of the following first assuming that payments are made on the last day of the period and then assuming payments are made on the first day of the period:

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