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EXP 105 Week 4 Decoding Task Assessment NEW

  • EXP 105 Week 4 Decoding Task Assessment NEW
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EXP 105 Week 4 Decoding Task Assessment NEW

Classify the following list of animals into the categories carnivore or herbivore.

Invent a board game and then construct a prototype model. Include detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to play.

Concoct a list of celebrities you would like to have attend your birthday party.

There are positives and negatives of living in the suburbs versus the city. Compare and contrast the benefits of each and describe which one you prefer.
List the features of the Ford Fusion and the Chevrolet Malibu.

In alphabetical order, list the planets of the solar system.
Brainstorm ideas and carefully explain innovative solutions to end world hunger.
In 250 words, describe an unforgettable childhood memory.

Create an original children’s story using farm animals as the main characters.

Draft a blueprint of your dream home.
Assemble the coffee table using the illustrations provided.

Order and describe the events that led to the fall of the Roman Empire.

Build a working volcano using the materials provided.
Apply the concepts learned in this book to your personal learning experiences.

Guess the number of miles between Disney World and your home.

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