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EDU 450 Module 1 Classroom Management Models NEW

  • EDU 450 Module 1 Classroom Management Models NEW
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EDU 450 Module 1 Classroom Management Models NEW

You will be completing the "Classroom Management Models" chart.  Here are a few key reminders

1.  The directions ask that you "focus on the group of students in your program of study."  Your program of study is your age group early education, elementary education, or secondary education.  All your responses should be geared towards your age group.

2.  You will have a total of five models (Wong, Kagan/Kyle/Scott, Jones, Morrish, and one of your choice).  Need to see a sample? Check this out.  And here's another one.

3.  Include both strengths and weaknesses for each model; be as specific as possible.

4.  Be sure to include TWO quotes for each model; use APA style 6th edition for your citations.

5.  Find three credible websites AND two to three scholarly resources for EACH model.  For more details about using the GCU eLibrary, please visit the "APA Style & Research Tips" in the General Resources tab above.

6.  Include your references for each model; a good rule of thumb is this If you used information from a source, it should be listed in the references section and cited in your work.  Please use APA style 6th edition.

7.  Write 200-250 words describing your classroom managements; include elements from the chart that you would like to incorporate.

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