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ECET 350 Week 7 Homework NEW

  • ECET 350 Week 7 Homework NEW
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ECET 350  Week 7 Homework NEW


ECET 350
Practice Problems
1. A first-order Butterworth filter with a digital cut-off frequency of p/4 radians is designed for a 2 kHz sampled system. The pre-warped analog transfer function is
2. The transfer function of an analog filter is H(s) = 5000/(s + 15000). If the sampling frequency is 20 kHz, the digital filter obtained using the bilinear transformation is
3.IIR filters are 
4.Compared to FIR filters, IIR filters tend to 
5.One difference between Butterworth and Chebyshev Type I filter shapes is that
 6.Bottom of Form
6.Digital convolution
7. A moving average filter 
8. The gain of a filter is 
9. The range of frequencies for which gain is high is called the 
10. In the stop band, a filter 
11. Analog filters are often less convenient to use than digital filters because
12. A digital filter is defined by 
13. Compared to x[n], the signal x[n-2] is 
14. Compared to x[n], the digital signal x[2n]
15. The notation for the function that shifts the digital signal x[n] three steps to the left is
 16. A digital signal is defined as x[n] = 5u[n-1] - δ[n-3] + 2u[n-4]. x[3] =
17. A digital signal has the value 5 until n = 3, then changes to zero. A function describing the signal is
18. The digital frequency of the signal x[n] = sin(n2π/7) is
19. Which of the following statements is true?
 20. Which of the following statements is true?
 21. If the frequency of a signal is 120 Hz and the sampling frequency is 150 Hz, what is the aliased frequency of the signal? 
22. The purpose of an anti-aliasing filter is
 23. Identify the first four images of a 300 Hz signal sampled at 800 Hz:
24. The spectrum of a signal may be obtained from the spectrum of its samples using
 25. If a 12 kHz signal is sampled at 20 kHz 
26. Increasing the order of a filter
27. For a signal with a maximum frequency of 4 kHz, what oversampling rate will leave a gap of 16 kHz between the maximum frequency of one spectral copy and the minimum frequency of the next?
28. An analog signal with a range of 20 V is sampled using 10 bits. What is the size of the quantization step?
29. The resolution of an A/D converter
30. Quantization noise is caused by
31. The dynamic range of an A/D converter is a measure of
32. Decibels (dB) are useful because
33. SNR stands for
 34. An analog signal has a range of 5 V. If the quantization step must be no greater than 0.1 V, how many bits must be used for A/D conversion?
35. A sample and hold circuit 
36. The first step in D/A conversion is 

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