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CJA 345 Week 1 Assignment Research Topic Selection NEW

  • CJA 345 Week 1 Assignment Research Topic Selection NEW
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CJA 345 Week 1 Assignment Police and Public Contact NEW

Assignment Content


Visit the All Data Collections page on the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) website.


Review the criminal justice information and topics listed on that page and choose 1 that you would like to use for your analysis topic in this assignment. Note: When you click on your selected topic on the All Data Collections page, ensure that the next page you arrive at on that website for your chosen topic has a data table available (i.e., robust information, report links, and details for you to work with for this assignment).


Use your selected topic to develop a:

  • Research question
  • Hypothesis


Write a 900- to 1,250-word report using your selected research topic that discusses:

  • The specific topic you are analyzing
  • Why you chose that topic
  • The research question you developed
  • The hypothesis you developed


Cite the source where you located the BJS topic summary and data tables to support your assignment.


Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.


Submit your assignment.


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