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CJA 325 Week 4 Review Questions Worksheet NEW

  • CJA 325 Week 4 Review Questions Worksheet NEW
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CJA 325 Week 4 Review Questions Worksheet NEW

1.     What are the various types of cybercrime?

2.     In your state, who would you turn to to report a financial scam? What are the problems faced by state, federal, and international law enforcement agencies when combating identity fraud perpetrated over the internet? Explain your answer.

3.     What are the two broad categories of trafficking in persons? Explain each.

4.     Why is trafficking counterfeit goods so attractive to organized crime? Explain.

5.     What elements of the business of illegal drugs are similar to the business of selling legal products?

6.     How has racism or hostility toward minorities influenced the drug prohibitions and laws in the United States?

7.     How have the methods employed to manufacture, transport, and distribute illicit drugs evolved?

8.     What are the four geographic sources for heroin? How does American foreign policy in Afghanistan interact with the heroin business?

9.     What are the three basic forms of labor racketeering? Discuss your answer.

10.  What is the purpose of money laundering? How can a legitimate business be used to accomplish money laundering?

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