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CIS 336 Week 3 Group Project Task 1 Data Model

  • CIS 336 Week 3 Group Project Task 1 Data Model
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CIS 336 Week 3 Group Project Task 1 Data Model

Present a detailed data model for the project scenario. You can create your data model using Microsoft Visio, which you will have access to through iLab and Microsoft Excel, which comes with Microsoft Office. Other tools may be used as long as the output is legible and conforms to standard format. (i.e. I will not be able to grade the data model if I cannot tell what it is supposed to be!). Your data model should include a minimum of an ERD and metadata chart (data dictionary).

A key component to every task submission is the team responsibilities document. This document should outline the contributions that each member of the team made to completing the task deliverable. There is a sample document in the Doc Sharing tab that can be used, or each team can come up with their own design. As stated in the syllabus, although this is a team project, each member will also be graded on their involvement in the project. This assessment needs to be honest and accurate in describing the individual members’ activities for the task.

Deliverables for this task:

A completed Data Model to include: An ERD, showing all tables, related attributes, and the primary and foreign keys. This diagram must show both the relationship and cardinality of the relationship using accepted notation. A Data Dictionary (or meta data chart) showing a minimum of the table name, columns, data types, length, and constraints. Team member responsibilities document outlining contributions by team members to this deliverable. 

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