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CIS 329 Week 8 Quiz 3 NEW

  • CIS 329 Week 8 Quiz 3 NEW
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CIS 329 Week 8 Quiz 3 NEW

Question 1
  How do you start the process to modify the default homegroup sharing configuration?
Question 2
  Which of the following statements is true of Public folder sharing?
Question 3
0 out of 2 points
  For users at home, which file sharing is most likely the simplest to setup and use?
Question 4
  What is the net effect of the following combination of share and NTFS permissions when the share is accessed over the network?
•       Share permission (Share tab)—Sales group: Full Control
•       NTFS permission (Security tab)—Sales group: Read & Execute, Modify, Write
Question 5
  It is possible to create a share that is invisible to users browsing the network simply by appending what character to the end of the share name?
Question 6
  What is the maximum support file name length in the NTFS file system?
Question 7
  When deciding what your auditing policy should be, there are some key things to consider to help you decide which computers, resources, and events you want to audit. Which of the items listed is not one of the items typically considered?
Question 8
  If you apply a change to a folder to enable EFS for the folder only, what happens to the files currently in the folder?
Question 9
0 out of 2 points
  Regarding NTFS permissions, when you move NTFS files or folders from one volume to another, which of the following statements is true?
Question 10
  When using the iacls.exe utility, what flag (e.g., /?) is used to specify that the command should be executed on all files and subfolders contained in the starting folder location?
Question 11
  What is the default setting for UAC in Windows 8?
Question 12
  What is the most common method by which phishing attacks are launched?
Question 13
  What is the intended function of the User Account Control (UAC) feature in Windows?
Question 14
  How long after you complete the configuration of local security policies on a computer will it take for those policies to become effective?  
Question 15  
  How can you fully disable UAC in Windows 8?
Question 16
  What must you do, at a minimum, before you can manage domain objects on a Windows 8 workstation?  
Question 17
  Where are user accounts stored for computers that are in a workgroup?  
Question 18
  Which of the following is not an allowed gesture for a picture password?
Question 19
  Which of the following items is not supported as a method of authentication in Windows 8?
Question 20
  Generally speaking, which of the following password conditions is not considered to be part of a strong password?
Question 21
  If you have Windows 8 Professional workstation clients on your network, what single BranchCache protocol will they be limited to using?
Question 22
  When using distributed-cache mode for BranchCache, where is the cache hosted in the branch office?  
Question 23  
  You must deploy at least one or more BranchCache-enabled servers at your main office to enable BranchCache. Which of the following server types is not an option as a BranchCache-enabled server?  
Question 24  
  What is the main difference between BranchCache version 1 and version 2?    
Question 25
  What advantage does the usage of SSTP for VPN connections offer firewall administrators?

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