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CET 1605 Week 2 Individual Work New

  • CET 1605 Week 2 Individual Work New
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CET 1605 Week 2 Individual Work New


You are the Senior Network Administrator for XYZ Corp. Users are complaining that once a new wing and new computers were added to the network, access to the network database has become very slow. Upon investigation you determine that there are broadcast accounting for 90% of the network traffic. What device can you add to the network to resolve this problem?

Is the following statement true or false? Be sure to also explain why it is true or false.
“Collisions are common on switch based networks”

When would you want to use a straight-through cable as opposed to a crossover cable?

In the Cisco hierarchical model the ______ layer typically takes care of routing, packet filtering, and routing between VLANs.

Half and full duplex Ethernet use what protocol to help prevent collisions?

In your own words, describe the difference between half and full duplex Ethernet.

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