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CEN 1056 Week 6 Individual Work New

  • CEN 1056 Week 6 Individual Work New
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CEN 1056 Week 6 Individual Work New


Why do you think PMI created a separate knowledge area for stakeholder management?

What are some ways to identify project stakeholders? Which stakeholders do you think are often not identified when they should be?

What are some ways to manage a stakeholder relationship closely? Give examples of how you might manage relationships differently based on the unique personalities of different people.

Discuss ways that you have seen people manage stakeholder engagement in your classroom or work environments. Which approaches seem to work the best?

Describe the type of information that is documented in an issue log. How can you avoid spending too much time documenting and tracking issues?

How can software assist in project stakeholder management? Do you think social media tools are more likely to help or hinder projects?

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