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BSOP 334 Complete Week 7

  • BSOP 334 Complete Week 7
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BSOP 334 Complete Week 7

BSOP 334 Week 7 CheckPoint

BSOP 334 Week 7 DQs

What are the three basic principles of lean systems, and how do they support each other in achieving lean-system goals?

It is said that the U.S. economy is turning into a service economy, as opposed to service and manufacturing. Much of U.S. manufacturing has been outsourced to cheap labor markets, which also operate at higher productivity levels than U.S. manufacturing. Is this a lost battle, or can we regain our advantage? Suggest some strategies and tactics that may make this possible.

BSOP 334 Week 7 Homework

Chapter 14:

Discussion and Review Questions

2) What is the ultimate goal of a lean system? What are the supporting goals? What are the building blocks?

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