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ACCT 349 Week 3 Quiz NEW

  • ACCT 349 Week 3 Quiz NEW
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ACCT 349 Week 3 Quiz NEW

1. (TCO 1) A mixed cost function has a constant component of $20,000. If the total cost is $60,000 and the independent variable has the value 200, what is the slope coefficient?
2. (TCO 1) Companies that take advantage of quantity discounts in purchasing their materials have
3. (TCO 3) The best opportunity for cost reduction is
4. (TCO 3) Each month, Haddock Company has $275,000 total manufacturing costs (20% fixed) and $125,000 distribution and marketing costs (36% fixed). Haddock’s monthly sales are $500,000. The markup percentage on variable costs to arrive at the existing (target) selling price is
5. (TCO 3) Which of these do antitrust laws on pricing not cover?

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