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MGT 210 Week 9 Final Project Best Practices Manual

  • MGT 210 Week 9 Final Project Best Practices Manual
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MGT 210 Week 9 Final Project Best Practices Manual

As you near the end of MGT/210, you have gained knowledge and experience regarding what it takes to be an effective supervisor. Put your newly developed skills to work for yourself and others by creating a Best Practices Manual for Supervisors.
Resources: Appendix A; Ch. 3 (pp. 38–50), Ch. 7 (pp. 111–124), Ch. 9 (pp. 144–155), Ch. 11 (pp. 185–201), Ch. 16 (pp. 273–286), Ch. 17 (pp. 292–319), and Ch. 22 (pp. 382–393) in Supervision: Key Link to Productivity; and Ch. 1 and 2 in Axia College’s Writing Style Handbook
Compile the following sections of a best practices manual for new supervisors. Your overall contributions to the manual should be 2,100–2,800 words in length and cite a minimum of three sources. Only one of these sources can be your course text.
The six supervisory responsibilities to which you will contribute best practices are as follows:
Demonstrating Communication Skills

Determining Effective Orientation and Training Methods

Improving Productivity for Teams

Conducting Performance Appraisals

Resolving Conflict

Improving Employee Relations



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