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GEN 105 Week 3 Assignment University Library Article Search

  • GEN 105 Week 3 Assignment University Library Article Search
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GEN 105 Week 3 Assignment University Library Article Search

• Resources: Appendix E, University Library

• Review Appendix E to recognize article characteristics.

• Find two articles in the University Library about any one topic or combination of topics listed below. One of your articles must be a peer-reviewed article, which is an article that has been reviewed by a group of experts in a certain field.

o Distance learning at college

o Ensuring academic honesty

o Effective personal goal setting

o Time management skills for college students

• Take time to choose the best database for your chosen topic(s), and use a different database (such as EBSCOhost or Thomson Gale PowerSearch) to find each article.

Whenever applicable, practice using the Boolean and wildcard search strategies you learned about in the University Library Interactive Tutorial.

• Provide the following information for each article:

o What keyword search did you use to find the article?

o What is the title of the article?

o Who is the author(s)?

o When was the article published?

o Was the article peer-reviewed?

o In what database did you find the article?

• Summarize what each article is about in 2 to 3 sentences per article. If there are specific opinions or facts in the articles, be sure to document them.

• Post the article information and summaries for both articles to the Individual forum.

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