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EDL 531 Week 6 Individual Coaching Plan

  • EDL 531 Week 6 Individual Coaching Plan
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EDL 531 Week 6 Individual Coaching Plan

Resources:Coaching Plan E-Portfolio Assignment and Coaching Plan Rubric


Access the Virtual School from your student website.


Select a teacher at your preferred grade level from the Virtual School.


·         Click on Teacher Information.

·         Click on Profiles and Communication/Curricular Materials.


Review all of the materials available for that teacher, such as profile, communications, scope and sequence, lesson plan 1, lesson plan 2, substitute plan, and HR employee file. 


Develop a coaching plan for this specific teacher that facilitates results by identifying ways to create awareness, establishing realistic goals and objectives, designing an action plan, monitoring progress, and coming to closure.



Please keep in mind that you are assuming the role of coach for the chosen teacher.  As a result, you will develop the coaching plan for the teacher (with yourself as the coach) to assist him/her with professional development in areas targeted by the profile information. 


As the assigned coach, address the following:

  1. What information in the teacher’s profile has led to the development of the coaching plan?  What are the teacher’s strengths and opportunities for enhancement?
  2. How will you introduce a coaching plan (create awareness) that targets identified areas for development?
  3. What concrete, measurable goals/objectives will you establish for the teacher to ensure that he/she obtains the necessary proficiency in the identified opportunities for improvement?
  4. What is the intended action plan, containing concrete steps for progression, and how will it be communicated to the coachee?
  5. How will you measure the teacher’s progress toward meeting the established goals?
  6. How will you bring closure to your coaching relationship with the coachee?  What is the intended timeline(s) for completion?

Include a cover page and reference page for the assignment; include an introduction and conclusion which adhere to APA formatting.

Review the evaluation rubric posted to the Course Materials Forum for information that will be utilized in the quantitative evaluation process for the assignment.

Note. The Coaching Plan is a required e-portfolio assignment. It must be uploaded and submitted to your TaskStream portfolio. MAED/Administration & Supervision students enrolled in this course are expected to complete this assignment, but are not required to upload and submit this assignment to their e-portfolio.

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