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BIS 219 Week 2 Individual Club IT, Part One

  • BIS 219 Week 2 Individual Club IT, Part One
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BIS 219 Week 2 Individual Club IT, Part One

Club IT is a downtown music venue managed and owned by Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada. They both graduated with degrees in Business Administration in 2005, and decided to follow their dream to open a nightclub. During college, they supported themselves by working as musicians, Lisa playing jazz violin and Ruben on drums. They learned quite a bit about nightclub operations from experience, in addition to business principles learned from their studies.

Lisa and Ruben have just completed extensive remodeling of the interior of Club IT and are pleased with the results. Its high ceilings and high energy lighting creates an ambience of fun and energy. For music, they hire live bands on Fridays and Saturdays, then have a live DJ Tuesdays through Thursdays. They are closed on Sundays. The DJ uses MP3 playlists to play hip-hop, techno, electronic, and some Top 40s.
Lisa and Ruben run the office and maintain all financial and business-related records. They realize that while the resources they spent on remodeling are paying off, their information management is lagging behind. Their next project is a full analysis of their information needs; to start it off, they have hired you as an intern.
To prepare for your first day of work, you and a few friends decide to spend a Friday evening at Club IT. Your visit is enjoyable—you have made some friends, learned several new dance steps, and rocked with the great band. Although, when reporting to work on Monday afternoon, you wonder how much information technology a nightclub may possibly need, and if there will be enough information and technology analysis opportunities to justify your internship at Club IT.

Sitting in the empty club a few hours before opening, you have your initial meeting with Ruben and Lisa. They provide background on the club and an overview of their need to boost their information technology, data management, and decision-making capabilities.

After reading Ch. 2 in the Rainer and Turban text, you have seen many real business cases where IT has helped organizations achieve strategic objectives. The real estate industry has seen a major transformation with electronic communications and the Web, the airlines are continuing to innovate, and even your course registration process is getting easier with online options. While Club IT is without the IT resources of K-mart or Sears, it is more agile and may be able to take advantage of its information base to help build a community with the support of IT.

Visit the Club IT Web site for additional information about the business. To access the site, copy and paste or type the following into your Internet browser:

Click on the Student Companion Site link for the Introduction to Information Systems: Supporting and Transforming Business text. Click on the Club IT link under the Browse by Resource tab on the left. Click on the Club IT link. Use the links on the left to access different information about Club IT.
Club IT, Part one Paper

• Prepare a two-page memo that summarizes the following:

o Club IT’s mission and primary clientele

o Club IT’s information resources include intranet resources; for example, the password to log-in is clubit. Resources also include the role of the IT department and how its information resources are managed.

o Choose one of the different strategies for competitive advantage listed in Ch. 2 of the Rainer and Turban text, which presents Cost leadership, Differentiation, Innovation, Operational effectiveness, and Customer orientation. Describe the kinds of information Club IT would need to pursue that strategy.

• Include an introduction and a conclusion.

• Format your memo using APA citation standards.

• Submit your assignment using the Memo Format template found in the Course Materials forum.

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