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An object moving in a circle at constant speed is accelerated

•    Question 2

A bullet is fired upward. As it rises,

•    Question 3

The radius of the path of an object moving in a circle at constant speed is halved. If the speed remains the same, the centripetal force needed is

•    Question 4

If the moon were half as far from the earth as it is now, the gravitational force it exerts on the earth would be

•    Question 5

Relative to what she weighs on the earth, an astronaut visiting another planet

•    Question 6

A moose weighing 3 kN is standing still. The force the ground exerts on the moose is

•    Question 7

A snail travels 45 cm in 20 min. Its average speed is

•    Question 8

Which of the following units could be associated with a vector quantity?

•    Question 9

Of the following, a molecule is best described as

•    Question 10

The properties of several different materials are being compared. If the samples all have the same volume, the one with the greatest mass also has the greatest

•    Question 11

Which of the following is not true of molecular motion in a gas?

•    Question 12

The circulation of hot air in a room is an example of transfer of heat by

•    Question 13

When heat is added to a body of matter, the resulting temperature increase does not depend upon

•    Question 14

The pressure at the bottom of a barrel filled with liquid does not depend on the

•    Question 15

The temperature of a gas sample in a rigid container is reduced. The pressure the gas exerts on the container walls decreases because

•    Question 16

Ice floats in water because

•    Question 17

The concept that gravitation is a distortion of space-time is part of

•    Question 18

Which of the following quantities is always the same to all observers?

•    Question 19

The angular momentum of spinning object depends, in part, on its mass and how fast it is spinning.  Consider the following situation:  a skater spins slowly on one skate, with her arms and the other leg extended.  As she pulls in her arms and extended leg, she spins faster.  This is because

•    Question 20

The linear momentum of a 400-kg giraffe galloping at 5 m/s is

•    Question 21

An object that has linear momentum must also have

•    Question 22

The watt is a unit of

•    Question 23

What never changes when two or more objects collide is

•    Question 24

On a molecular level heat is

•    Question 25

The current with which a transformer is used

•    Question 26

Coulomb's formula F = KQ1Q2/R2 gives the force between two charges in free space. The value of K

•    Question 27

Which of the following statements is not true?

•    Question 28

A negative electric charge

•    Question 29

An object has a positive electric charge whenever

•    Question 30

A drawing of the field lines of a magnetic field provides information on

•    Question 31

The relationship between voltage, current, and resistance in a metallic wire:

•    Question 32

When an observer moves past a stationary electric charge, she detects

•    Question 33

When first proposed, a scientific idea is usually called a

•    Question 34

The period of the earth's orbit around the sun is

•    Question 35

If the earth had no moon,

•    Question 36

Stars and planets are round because

•    Question 37

The scientist who showed that gravity accounts for Kepler's laws of planetary motion was

•    Question 38

What distinguishes the scientific method from other ways of looking at the natural world is

•    Question 39

Scientific theories

•    Question 40

In which one or more of the following is the earth assumed to be the center of the universe?

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