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PSY 302 Week 1 Discussion 2 Career Possibilities NEW
PSY 302 Week 1 Discussion 2 Career Possibilities NEW
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PSY 302 Week 1 Discussion 2 Career Possibilities

Career Possibilities. 1st Post Due by Day 3. [CLOs: 2, 6]. Through your reading this week, you have become more familiar with I/O psychology. This familiarity guides us in developing our understanding of how this area of study can be applied to many areas and careers, whether in the “helping” professions or in business, education, and communications. 

1.      For this discussion, first create a timeline of your plans/goals for the next ten years. 

2.      Next, discuss you career goals for the future and how the factors associated with I/O psychology could be applicable to help you succeed and grow as an individual based on these goals. 

3.      Next, if the word organization is defined as a structured body of people with a common purpose, what unique opportunities might the field of I/O psychology present for you personally based on two of your listed goals? (Consider your family or other outside organizations with which you are involved.)

4.      Considering both your personal and professional goals, and after reviewing the content, are there any areas of I/O psychology that you believe will be more applicable to you than another? Why or why not?

5.      How might these areas be helpful to employees and managers? Include evidence from major theories of business psychology to support your answer. 

Your initial post should be between 300 and 350 words

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