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MHA 610 Week 2 Discussion Game of Chance NEW

MHA 610 Week 2 Discussion Game of Chance NEW
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MHA 610 Week 2 Discussion Game of Chance NEW



Game of Chance. For this discussion, select a game of chance, explain it briefly if it is likely to be unfamiliar to your classmates, then calculate probabilities of various outcomes like winning or losing in this game. For example, you might choose your state lottery, scratch card game, a card game like poker, or a dice game like Craps or Yahtzee, as your game of chance.

As illustration, read a lottery analysis in Powerball-Methodology.

Guided Response: Respond to at least two of your classmates who chose a different game of chance than you by Day 7 at 11:59PM. Did your colleague provide enough explanation of the game to allow you to understand the analysis? Was the analysis provided by your classmate correct? If so, what optimal strategy for playing that particular game was described? If not, what suggestions would you make to your colleague to amend any issues?

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