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MGT 312 Week 2 Knowledge Check - 100% Correct

MGT 312 Week 2 Knowledge Check - 100% Correct
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MGT 312 Week 2 Knowledge Check

1. Emily is an ambitious worker whose performance has suffered since she joined her new company. Emily feels that even though she enjoys the work, feels safe, and enjoys the office’s facilities, such as the cafeteria and the pool table, she has not been able to reach out to the others in the office. She has no friends and feels isolated. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which of Emily’s needs is most likely not being satisfied at her new job?

2. According to the expectancy theory of motivation, identify an accurate statement about instrumentality.

3. Sameer perceives underpayment equity when he compares his outcome-input ratio to Lamar’s. Sameer believes that he is putting in more effort and should therefore receive a larger hike in salary. To avoid this lack of equity, Sameer decides that he need not compare his outcome-input ratio to Lamar’s; instead he should compare it to Adrian’s. According to the equity theory of motivation, how is Sameer restoring equity?

4. Mia and Tanya are artists at Black and White Inc, an art gallery. Both Mia and Tanya are equally skilled and receive feedback from customers for their work. Mia creates her art pieces right from designing them to displaying the final product. Tanya is an in-house specialist, and provides finishing touches to pieces created by fresh art-school graduates.

5. Which job design model focuses on both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation?

6. According to the goal-setting theory, which of the following statements is true? 

7. Rhythms Inc. and Beats Inc. are two music institutes set to launch at the same time this year. Rhythms has been providing detailed information in the papers and on the Internet about the courses it offers. Beats has roped in Clara Carter, a famous guitarist, to appear in their ad campaign and perform at charity events across various cities. In the context of perception, which target characteristic is Beats focusing on, in order to be perceived well by potential students?

8. Amit, a sales executive at Embellish Corp., has recently shown a fair amount of improvement in his performance. However, Naomi, Amit’s manager, fails to recognize and encourage this improvement during his appraisal. She believes that Amit’s productivity will always be average, since it has been that way for the past year. In this scenario, Naomi is a victim of which source of bias in perception?

9. Identify an accurate statement about the fundamental attribution error.

10. What is true about mentoring programs implemented to promote diversity in organizations?

11. When is diversity training most likely to be successful?

12. Asang, an employee at Bling Corp., has been expecting a promotion for the excellent work she has done. On the day of the announcement, her manager informs her that there is a problem with her promotion. He claims that he will have to pull strings to have her promotion approved. However, the process would be much simpler if she would return the favor by giving him some “special attention.” What phenomenon is best exemplified in this scenario?

13. The determinants of job satisfaction that an organization or manager cannot change in the short run are:

14. Identify an accurate statement about Herzberg’s motivator-hygiene theory of job satisfaction.

15. Tamara, a fine-arts graduate, is working at her first art agency. After almost six months, she reports that she is highly dissatisfied because the job does not meet her expectations. She expected the job to be flexible and well-paying, with a well-equipped office, and friendly coworkers. She also states that her friends are earning more and are happier with their jobs than she is. In this scenario, which theory or model of job satisfaction best explains Tamara's job dissatisfaction?

16. According to the determinants of absenteeism, which factor affects the ability of an employee to attend work?

17. According to research, which of the following is an accurate statement about job satisfaction and job performance?

18. Identify an accurate statement about Mobley’s model of the turnover process 

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