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JRN 310 Week 2 Individual Assignment Journalism Theories NEW

JRN 310 Week 2 Individual Assignment Journalism Theories NEW
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JRN 310 Week 2 Individual Assignment Journalism Theories NEW

Theories of journalism are diverse, serving to illuminate the relationship between journalism and society. Three main theories include the following:
The authoritarian theory
The social responsibility theory
The libertarian theory
Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Journalism Theories to reflect on and evaluate each theory.By exploring the relationship between journalism and society, journalism theories highlight the dynamics operating in news reporting. As an introduction to three of these theories of journalism—authoritarian, social responsibility, and libertarian—complete the following for each using your own research. As one reference, it is strongly recommended that you use theEncyclopedia of Journalism accessible in the Sage eReference database in the University Library. A link to this database is available under the Electronic Reserve Readings on the student website. Perform a search on theory to access an overview of and introduction to these and other common journalism theories.
Part I
Explain each theory in your own words.
Discuss how each theory applies in practice.
Discuss negative or positive aspects of each theory.
Part II
Select which of the three most closely aligns with news creation and delivery in the United States. Include one example of news journalism that demonstrates and supports your viewpoint and discuss this in your summary.

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