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HSA 530 Final Exam Part 1 Set 2 NEW

HSA 530 Final Exam Part 1 Set 2 NEW
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HSA 530 Final Exam Part 1 Set 2 NEW

Question 1 
  Today’s Human Resource Departments may be seen as having an image problem because 
• Question 2 
  The textbook authors suggest that many practitioners of health care personnel office’s did not stay in the field because 
• Question 3 
  Criticism that HR departments have missed an opportunity to be more of a full partner in an organization stems from: 
• Question 4 
  Under this type of HR model, managers do not act on decisions without clearance from the HR department. 
• Question 5 
    The human resource model most common in hospitals and other labor-intensive service organizations is the:                      
• Question 6 
  The pivotal year for changes in HR was 1964 because of what significant legislation? 
• Question 7 
  The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986: 
• Question 8 
  The Civil Rights Act of 1964 had the effect of: 
• Question 9
  If an employee leaves the organization voluntarily, what should HR do?               
• Question 10 
  What position in an organization is often the first to be cut when budget limitations occur?
• Question 11 
  The Employee Assistance Program is often outsourced because:
• Question 12
  Why is participatory management considered a best practice? 
• Question 13
  Why is maintaining a genuine open-door policy easier for a first-line manager than for a higher-level manager?                      
• Question 14 
  According to the textbook, which of the following actions can hurt a manager’s credibility with employees? 

• Question 15 
  When a job is considered controversial, who may be responsible for conducting a job evaluation? 
• Question 16 
  Preparing and verifying a position statement is the first step in: 
• Question 17 
  Some HR departments have adopted a position of sharing only a former employee’s title and dates of employment in order to: 
• Question 18 
  Why should the practice of having a new employee start work before the recruiting process is complete be avoided?                     
• Question 19 
  According to the textbook, which statement best summarizes the relationship between the HR department and a department manager regarding recruiting activities? 
• Question 20 
  The civil service classification system is a process that: 
• Question 21  
  Under most civil service systems, concerning involuntary termination of employment by layoff: 
• Question 22  
  Which is a leading question? 
• Question 23 
  Which interview practice can help identify resume embellishment? 
• Question 24 
  In regards to writing notes during the interview, the textbook suggests:                                
• Question 25 
  How could the HR department respond to a department manager who wants to allow a new employee to skip the employee orientation in order to get started on the job? 
• Question 26 
  What is the percentage of recall for learners who see, hear and do something? 
• Question 27 
  In addition to attending to continuing education requirements, education is critically important to the department manager in: 
• Question 28 
  Claims for unemployment compensation by employees who have been terminated in one manner or another should:                    
              • Question 29  
  Unemployment costs are related to:                   
              • Question 30  
  A complaint of discrimination filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC):

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