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GLG 220 Week 5 Environmental Sustainability Paper NEW

GLG 220 Week 5 Environmental Sustainability Paper NEW
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GLG 220 Week 5 Environmental Sustainability Paper NEW

Wind Power: Its Pros and Cons

The quest to find an alternative energy resource that is in accordance with history and latest trend in technology has paved the way for humans to look after the environment and to preserve the natural resources. An alternative energy resource is wind power. This is not a new discovery but overtime it took a fresh and better tactic. History will reveal that hundreds of years ago, windmills were already use in Europe in wind farms with wind turbines in order to gain as much as wind energy as possible. This is an effective method in producing the maximum wind energy; however, there are pros and cons that one has to be aware with in this kind of alternative source of energy.
Missouri produces wind energy coming from more than 2,500 square miles land that the state use as 63% portion of electricity. Windmills are producer of clean energy; however worn-out windmills produce otherwise. One hazardous element of wind turbines is carbon fiber composite. When wind turbine is worn-out, it has to be burned and trashed out, a process that is perilous to the atmosphere. This wind turbine replacement is necessary. One material of wind turbine is thermoset plastic; this usually creates the wind turbines’ strength and low weight requirement. A breakage from this wind turbine might destroy houses and buildings nearby and pieces of the blade might be scattered meters away. Wind power accidents are much common compared to nuclear accidents. Recorded in 2008 were casualties of 16 civilians and 41 workers—a continuously increasing number. During high winds, the turbines should be stopped and the rotation should be stopped in order to reduce this staggering figure of casualties. Moreover, a regular check-up on these wind turbines should be made in order to prevent bugs build-up and the wearing of the blades because if not 20-30% is estimate product loss. According to O’Sullivan, 2011, money is an important element in maintaining the quality of blades in order to maintain the wind power.
Wind Power: The Pros
There are many pros of wind power as a renewable resource of energy. It is estimated that wind turbines can usually generate 500 kilowatts of power that can lessen the carbon dioxide emission by approximately tw

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