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FIN 351 Week 1 Homework NEW

FIN 351 Week 1 Homework NEW
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FIN 351 Week 1 Homework NEW

Chapter 1 Q#13
Many people think of risk as the danger of losing money. Is this the same way that risk is defined in finance?
Chapter 1 Q #5 Sally is reviewing the performance of several portfolios in the family trusts. Trust A is managed by Wall Street Investment Advisors and Trust B is managed by LaSalle Street Investment Advisors. Both trusts are invested in a combination of stocks and bonds and have the following returns:
Chapter 2 Q#2
What is an efficient market?
Chapter 3 Q#17
If you did not wish a high-priced or heavily capitalized firm (one with high total market value) to overly influence your index, which of the weighting systems described in this chapter would you be likely to use?
Chapter 3 Q#5 You sell 100 shares of Norton Corporation short. The price of the stock is $60 per share. The margin requirement is 50 percent.
Chapter 3 Q#12
Assume the following five companies are used in computing an index:

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