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EDU 655 Week 4 Assignment Critical Thinking Questions NEW

EDU 655 Week 4 Assignment Critical Thinking Questions NEW
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EDU 655 Week 4 Assignment Critical Thinking Questions

Chapter 10 Question 1, 3

How could an entrepreneur use the CIPP Model to develop a business plan?  Be sure to describe each of the four components of the CIPP Model.

What are some reasons why few evaluations are conducted at the higher levels of the Kirkpatrick Model? What are some strategies you would use to increase the use of Level 3 and Level 4 evaluations?

Chapter 12 Question 1, 3

How would you describe your leadership style?  What are some ways that you naturally motivate people and build a sense of team?  What aspects might you need to develop in order to improve your ability as a project manager?  What are some activities you can engage in that would improve your interpersonal and leadership skills?

A $1 million project to develop an eight-course CBT program for city employees has been limping along for six months and has had two project managers. The project is behind schedule and the client is complaining. Nothing has been produced. The project team is floundering, individuals are not getting along, and there is little direction. You have been hired as the third project manager. How will you approach this situation? What will

Week 4 Critical Thinking Questions5

you do in terms of the leadership skills you exhibit? What aspects of leadership will you focus on first, second? How will you bring this team together?

Chapter 16 Questions 1, 3

Choose one of the KM myths offered by the author and describe an example where you have seen this mistake being made.  What could have been done differently to improve the outcome?

Compare and contrast how Web 2.0 is being utilized for knowledge management in large organizations constructing elaborate in-house systems versus grass-roots knowledge sharing and collaboration. What are some costs and benefits to either strategy? Where might one approach make more sense than another?

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