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EDU 655 Week 3 Assignment Critical Thinking Questions NEW

EDU 655 Week 3 Assignment Critical Thinking Questions NEW
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EDU 655 Week 3 Assignment Critical Thinking Questions

Chapter 7 Question 2, 3

What kinds of problems must educators solve as part of their everyday teaching activities? Considering these problems, what are two or three types of problems that should be incorporated into a teacher-training program? Which case components should be incorporated with each type of problem? What kinds of cognitive scaffolds are needed?

Why do the authors hold the position that problem solving is the most natural, complex, and meaningful kind of learning/thinking activity? What examples from your own learning experiences support or refute the authors’ position?

Chapter 8 Question 2,3

What characteristics of the learning process and learning environment can you envision for a postindustrial paradigm of instruction? What are some of the barriers to making this type of instruction a reality in online learning?

What are some examples of how technology can make post-industrial instruction easier and more difficult for educators?

Chapter 9 Question 1,2

What are your motivations for taking this course and which motivations are the most compelling for you? What are some techniques students can use to maintain motivation?

How does motivation differ from volition?  What are some ways that they can interact to support or diminish one another?

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