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EDU 655 Week 1 Journal Learning Reflections NEW

EDU 655 Week 1 Journal Learning Reflections NEW
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EDU 655 Week 1 Journal Learning Reflections NEW
Reflection is an important part of the learning process. Designing specific opportunities that require students to reflect is a common strategy used in online learning and one that is used throughout this course. This journal assesses your ability to evaluate your learning about instructional design and technology for online learning. This journal also assesses your ability to evaluate instructional design projects, analyze the principles of instruction, apply theories of motivation and performance to instructional design, and analyze emerging instructional design technologies. Before completing this journal, review its “Grading Rubric” and the Week One “Instructor Guidance” page.
Instructions: Submit an APA formatted document that includes at least one paragraph in response for each of the questions below. If you have questions about the expectations for content, coherence, and mechanics in the “Grading Rubric,” please post in the “Ask Your Instructor” Discussion before the due date.
1. Which assessment during this week was most engaging to you? Why? 
2. At what point during this week did you feel most connected to the class? Why?Which of the Course Learning Outcomes for EDU655 do you think you have the most existing knowledge and skill for from learning in prior courses in your program and/or other learning experiences?
3. How does your learning experience during this week compare with your first week of learning in previous online courses?

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