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EDU 655 Week 1 Assignment Critical Thinking Questions NEW

EDU 655 Week 1 Assignment Critical Thinking Questions NEW
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EDU 655 Week 1 Assignment Critical Thinking Questions

Chapter 1-Questions 3-4

3. What may account for the differences in the two definitions of Instructional Design in 1970?

4. What contributed to the decision to include the word “ethical” in the AECT definition of educational technology?

Chapter 2- Question 1-2

Week 1 Critical Thinking Questions3

1. What experience have you have in learning that illustrates how the nine characteristics used to describe the systems concept interplay with one another?

2. How does adopting a “student-centered” approach to instructional design represent a powerful paradigm shift from the "teacher-centered" approach that has historically dominated instruction?

Chapter 3- Question 1, 3

Week 1 Critical Thinking Questions4

1. What experiences have you had that support the traditional role of instructional media and teachers that the broad educational community has held for the past 100 years and/or the viewpoints of some professionals in IDT?

3. What experiences have you had with the developments influencing the field of IDT in the 21st century and how might your experiences influence your approach to IDT for online learning?

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