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EDU 645 Week 1 Discussion 2 Standards and Objectives NEW

EDU 645 Week 1 Discussion 2 Standards and Objectives NEW
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EDU 645 Week 1 Discussion 2 Standards and Objectives NEW

a. Describe the purpose of a learning standard (referred to as a goal in Chapter 1) and the critical components of a learning objective.
 How would you differentiate between the two if attempting to explain it to somebody else?
 What is the relationship between formative assessments during instruction and the standards and objectives of that lesson?
b. Take the challenge Karen Lea presents in her blog article Meaningful Connections: Objectives and Standards. Select a grade level standard and design two learning objectives AND a way to assess students FOR learning for each objective. Be sure to use the criteria for writing high-quality objectives as discussed in your assigned reading and videos.
Guided Response: Respond to at least one classmate with objectives and assessment ideas in the same grade range you chose (Pre-K-2nd, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, and other) and one with objectives and assessment ideas in a completely different grade range.
 Are their objectives clear and measurable?
 Do they identify specifically, what the STUDENT will be doing and how?
 Are they aligned (related) to the given standard?
It is important to remember professionalism in your feedback. You are to give constructive feedback by giving the author a different lens with which to view their original ideas. Therefore, provide them with a specific suggestion for making their objective and/or assessment more complex according to Bloom’s Taxonomy
Note: Before the last day of the week, you are expected to provide a secondary response to any comments or questions your instructor may have provided. This is part of the grading criteria as a demonstration of critical thinking.

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