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EDU 644 Week 5 DQ 1 More Website Sharing and Feedback

EDU 644 Week 5 DQ 1 More Website Sharing and Feedback
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EDU 644 Week 5 DQ 1 More Website Sharing and Feedback

This discussion provides a second opportunity to share your website. Again, sharing your website for feedback provides you with perspectives on your design and content to consider for enhancing your website before you finalize it during Week Six. To prepare for this discussion, construct a mission statement and add it to the homepage of your website. To construct your mission statement, consider the models you reviewed during the Week Four assessments and the tips for writing an effective mission statement from Education World. Next, update your working definition of at-risk. Then, be sure you have created pages for and linked to your Week Three Child Maltreatment Brochure and the Week Four School-Based Efforts: A Plan to Support At-Risk Youth assignment. Finally, if you have not already, adjust your website’s design using the feedback from peers and the instructor received during Week Three.
Initial Post: Create an initial post that includes a link to your website and addresses the following:

a.    Describe the inspiration behind the design of your own mission statement.

b.    Discuss the changes made to your working definition of at-risk and how you believe the changes improved upon your original draft. If you made no changes, explain why not.

c.    Explain where and how you made revisions to any artifacts and/or the design of your website based on the feedback previously received from peers or your instructor’s evaluation of the work.

d.    Introduce peers to the Child Maltreatment Brochure you developed during Week Three by briefly describing what you learned about the topic and about designing an effective brochure while creating it. Discuss any challenges associated with designing the brochure as well as what you like best about your creation.

e.    Introduce peers to the School-Based Efforts: A Plan to Support At-Risk Youth assignment you developed in Week Four. Briefly discuss some of the most important concepts learned while researching and preparing this assignment. What do you like best about this creation or the process of creating it?

f.    Describe what you like so far about the process of gradually adding to your website and sharing so as to participate in reciprocal feedback.

Guided Response: Respond to a minimum of two peers after reviewing their websites and initial post messages. Provide specific feedback including questions to your peer regarding their mission statement, revisions to their working definition of at-risk, and the Week Three and Week Four assignments. Provide a recommendation for possible enhancements or improvements that could enhance their website’s design and/or content. Continued engagement with peers and the instructor about feedback received is encouraged to maximize your learning from this discussion.


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