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ECT 246 Week 5 iLab Op-Amps
ECT 246 Week 5 iLab Op-Amps
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ECT 246 Week 5 iLab Op-Amps

In week five, you will create several circuits using the operation amplifiers you studied earlier. An op-amp can be configured to perform special applications found in everyday electronic equipment. These include comparators, level detectors, summing amplifiers and digital to analog converters.

A.Describe the operation of a level detector.

a.Explain the operation of the following circuit.

B.Determine the output of a level detector for a given reference voltage. Simulate a level detector and verify that the simulated voltages agree with the calculated values.

C.Explain the operation of a summing amplifier and how the output voltage is calculated based on the input values.

E.Calculate the output voltage of a three input summing amplifier.

F.Simulate a summing amplifier with three inputs, measure the results and compare them to the calculated values.


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