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ECET 105 Week 6 Homework NEW

ECET 105 Week 6 Homework NEW
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ECET 105 Week 6 Homework NEW

1. When a HIGH is on the output of the decoding circuit below, what is the binary code appearing on the inputs?
2. Write the Boolean equations for each of the following codes if an active-LOW decoder output is required. The first decode is shown as an example.
3. What are the active outputs of a BCD-to-7 segment decoder with an input of 0100?
4. A 7-segment decoder/driver drives the display below. Using the waveforms shown, determine the sequence of digits that appear on the display. 
5. Construct a truth table for an active-LOW output BCD (1-of-10) decoder.
6. Derive the truth table for the Y output in the diagram below.
7. Derive the Boolean equation for the Y output in Problem 6.
8. For the multiplexer shown below, determine the output for the following input state.
D0 = 0, D1 = 1, D2 = 1, D3 = 0, S0 = 1, S1 = 0.
9. Determine the function of the circuit shown below. 
10. Write the Boolean equation for the circuit shown in Problem 9.

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