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CRJ 613 Week 1 Guilty But Insane NEW

CRJ 613 Week 1 Guilty But Insane NEW
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CRJ 613 Week 1 Guilty But Insane NEW



For this week’s assignment, you will evaluate criminal justice in selected countries. Since mens rea refers to criminal intent, the concept of guilty but insane sounds like an oxymoron to most people. Chapters 1 and 3 in the course text discuss international perspectives on criminal law. Find additional credible sources to research criminal intent in Great Britain and Norway. The Daniel McNaughton and Anders Breivik cases might be helpful. These cases are notorious for the guilty but insane defense in Great Britain and Norway.

For your assignment

Assess how criminal intent in these two countries differs from the United States when it comes to an

insanity defense.

Describe at least one case in each country (Great Britain, Norway, and the United States) where this

defense has been used successfully.

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