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CRJ 105 Week 5 quiz NEW

CRJ 105 Week 5 quiz NEW
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CRJ 105 Week 5 quiz NEW




                The movement to control degenerates through sterilization, euthanasia, and cutbacks in welfare is known as the:




•       QUESTION 2



                Which theorist contributed a framework to describe the political nature of criminal law, and how pluralistic conflict shapes the role of law?




•       QUESTION 3



                "Twin studies" are performed to:




•       QUESTION 4



                Jeremy Bentham advocated for "the greatest happiness shared by the greatest number." The term that refers to this approach is:




•       QUESTION 5



                The basic principles of the modern Western judicial and legal system are found in the:




•       QUESTION 6



                The "XYY syndrome" refers to the belief that men with an extra "Y" chromosome are:




•       QUESTION 7



                Which of the following theorists is credited with general strain theory, in which it was acknowledged that strain can result from a variety of negative relationships or experiences?




•       QUESTION 8



                W. E. B. Du Bois is often overlooked for his contributions to which area of thought?




•       QUESTION 9



                Labeling theory is based on which concept?




•       QUESTION 10



                Generally speaking, anomie theories focus on crime as the result of:




•       QUESTION 11



                Which of the following would an adherent of the neoclassical school propose?




•       QUESTION 12



                Which of the following refers to the study of the size and shape of the skull to determine a person's intelligence and personality?




•       QUESTION 13



                The view that criminal behavior is ultimately driven by supernatural forces is known as:






•       QUESTION 14



                In labeling theory, "secondary deviance" is used to refer to crimes that:




•       QUESTION 15



                Which somatotype did Sheldon (1940) propose was linked to criminal behavior?




•       QUESTION 16



                A little boy shoplifts a candy bar from a local store. The view that this crime was influenced by environmental factors is known as:




•       QUESTION 17



                "Theory" is best described as:




•       QUESTION 18



                The "Chicago School" is associated with which of the following?




•       QUESTION 19



                Beccaria's work can be summarized as arguing that:




•       QUESTION 20



                Who was the first researcher to take advantage of criminal statistics?




•       QUESTION 21



                The most important figure in biological positivism was:




•       QUESTION 22



                Which of the following theoretical perspectives is based on the premise that human behavior is primarily hedonistic in nature?




•       QUESTION 23



                "Androcentric bias" refers to the tendency to:




•       QUESTION 24



                Even though Johnny realizes that he will never reach the economic and occupational success of which he once dreamed, he continues to go to work each day and diligently complete the tasks assigned to him. This is most consistent with which form of adaptation in Merton's theory of anomie/strain?




•       QUESTION 25



                The "institutional anomie theory" attributes crime to the:

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