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CRJ 105 Week 3 quiz NEW

CRJ 105 Week 3 quiz NEW
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CRJ 105 Week 3 quiz NEW




                Behavior that is outside the range of normal societal toleration is best described as:




•       QUESTION 2



                An individual is shot while trying to break into a home. This is an example of:




•       QUESTION 3



                Created classification of victims based on their culpability:




•       QUESTION 4



                The gap between male and female crime rates is _______ in modernized societies.




•       QUESTION 5



                Crime rates are difficult to compare cross-nationally due to:




•       QUESTION 6



                "The insanity defense allows many dangerous offenders to escape conviction." This is:




•       QUESTION 7



                The statement "neighborhoods that have a large percentage of female-headed households have higher rates of theft and violent victimization" is an example of:




•       QUESTION 8



                A criminologist wants to gain an in-depth understanding of the subculture of a street gang in a particular city. Which of the following methods would be the most appropriate method for obtaining such an understanding?




•       QUESTION 9



                In stating that most theories of crime and delinquency have been androcentric, it is meant that they have been:




•       QUESTION 10



                The first individual to empirically investigate victimization was:




•       QUESTION 11



                Which of the following is true of the number of crimes reported to police?




•       QUESTION 12



                Most of the modern-day developments in criminology have taken place in which country?




•       QUESTION 13



                Which of the following is commonly used to refer to the number of crimes that are committed, but which never come to official attention?




•       QUESTION 14



                Occurs when a person actually does something that incites another person to commit an illegal act.




•       QUESTION 15



                Females have an overreaching fear of:




•       QUESTION 16



                The father of victimology is:




•       QUESTION 17



                According to the International Crime Victimization Survey, the rate of violent crime in the United States is:




•       QUESTION 18



                The more frequently a person comes into contact with persons in demographic groups with likely offenders, the more likely it is the person will be victimized is referred to as:




•       QUESTION 19



                Which of the following is true regarding the relationship between age and crime?



•       QUESTION 20



                The field that attempts to define, explain, and predict criminal behavior is known as:




•       QUESTION 21



                Which of the following is true of laws?




•       QUESTION 22



                While there is not complete consensus, in defining who should be considered "criminal," criminologists most strongly agree that the term should be used for which of the following?




•       QUESTION 23



                In the case of college female sexual victimization, most subsequent incidents happen:




•       QUESTION 24



                African Americans compose approximately 12% of the population in the United States. Which of the following is true regarding African Americans and contemporary arrest rates?




•       QUESTION 25



                The "age/crime" debate refers to the debate surrounding:

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