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CRJ 105 Week 11 quiz NEW

CRJ 105 Week 11 quiz NEW
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CRJ 105 Week 11 quiz NEW

Question 1



            According to the United Nations' identification of different types of organized crime organizations, which of the following refers to an association of groups with a single governing body?




Question 2



            Which of the following made it necessary to obtain a doctor's prescription in order to legally possess narcotics and cocaine?




Question 3



            MICE is an acronym for the motives of:




Question 4



            It is estimated that ______ percent of computer crimes are committed by "insiders" or employees.




Question 5



            Of the following choices, which is the least likely to perpetrate incest against a female child?




Question 6



            Which of the following types of terrorism is consistent with acts "which are committed for ideological or political motives, but which are not part of a concerted campaign to capture control of the state"?




Question 7



            Which of the following refers to the attainment of sexual gratification by means of inflicting pain on others?




Question 8



            Which of the following is true of the rate of illegal drug use in the United States?




Question 9



            What is the term for ill-intentioned hackers who attempt to break into computer systems?




Question 10



            Which of the following is used to refer to the customers of prostitution?




Question 11



            Cointelpro was an FBI counterintelligence program that:




Question 12



            Software programs such as Cracker are used to assist in this type of computer attack.




Question 13



            In prostitution, which of the following is associated with the highest amount of prestige?




Question 14



            According to Clarke's typology, assassins who are unable to relate to others, and who then direct their rage at prominent figures, are identified as:




Question 15



            Which of the following had become a common setting for commercial sex in North America in the 1970s?




Question 16



            The transnational smuggling of illegal aliens from undeveloped to developed countries is often related to:




Question 17



            In prostitution, "B-girls" refers to:




Question 18



            The "noble experiment" and "great illusion" were both terms used to refer to _______.




Question 19



            The Gestapo and KGB are examples of:




Question 20



            Acts that are similar to terrorism, but that lack its ideological motivation, would be classified as which of the following?




Question 21



            A majority of children who are victims of online predator are:




Question 22



            Which of the following is true regarding most child molesters?




Question 23



            People who illegally reproduce and use software and subsequently cost manufacturers billions of dollars a year in lost revenue are called:




Question 24



            According to Hagedorn's typology, African American and Latino adult gang members tend to be which of the following?




Question 25



            A bot-herder can do which of the following with compromised computers:

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