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COM 295 Week 4 Knowledge Check (2 Sets)

COM 295 Week 4 Knowledge Check (2 Sets)
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COM 295 Week 4 Knowledge Check

Set 1


1. Which of the following is true with regard to the use of slides and handouts during presentations?

A. Avoid previewing the slides before showing them.

B. Don't start your slides right away

C. Turn out the lights so that the audience can view your slideseasily

D. Read your slides rather than interpreting them.


2. What is the expansion of the acronym "AIM" in the content planning process?

A. Access - ideas - message

B. Audience - initiatives - motives

C. Audience - ideas - message

D. Ability - initiatives - message


3.The _____ of a presentation should include an attention-getter, a positioning statement, and an overview.

A. view

B. body

C. preview

D. conclusion


Set 2

1. In which scenario would you use a flowchart as a visual element?

2. What is the best placement for a visual item in a document?

3. Which is a type of bar chart used to identify positive and negative values?

4. Adela needs to create a visual that will depict a complex process consisting of decision points. Which is the best option for her?

5. What should you do when creating a presentation that incorporates visuals?

6. Which element of a visual will help you identify its content and aim?

7. Identify the activity that is part of the first step in the three-step process of preparing an oral or online presentation.

8. Which of the following is a good seating arrangement for conducting breakout sessions?

9. Hachiro is preparing a presentation that provides an overview of his company and its products. The company only produces environmentally friendly products and is involved in research to generate more green ideas. Hachiro wants to grab his audience’s interest right from the beginning of his presentation. What can he do to achieve this?

10. Mal is creating a presentation on his company’s brand strategy. Midway through the presentation, he wants to move to a website that contains product reviews. Which of the following should he use to move directly from the presentation to the website?

11. Salvatore’s professor tells him to include functional rather than decorative artwork in his presentation. What can Salvatore do to achieve this?

12. What is the purpose of moving blueprints?

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