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CJA 305 Week 2 Worksheet NEW
CJA 305 Week 2 Worksheet NEW
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CJA 305 Week 2 Worksheet NEW

Complete the University Material: Week Two Worksheet.

Each question in Part 1 is worth .25 points.

Each question in Part 2 is worth 1 point.

 Cautions and Warnings: In Part 2, Question 3, you must list the steps in briefing a case from both Contemporary Criminal Law and Criminal Law Today. I expect to see two lists.

In Part 2, Question 4, you are to explain what each part of the citation for each case reperesents. I do not want facts of the case, I do not want the decision. I want the meaning of the citaton: the two parts of the name of the case, the numbers and the letters, etc. Please ask if you have any questions.

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