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CCMH 504 Week 5 Adult Development Analysis NEW

CCMH 504 Week 5 Adult Development Analysis  NEW
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CCMH 504 Week 5 Adult Development Analysis  NEW

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word personal analysis that includes the following:
 Describe the cognitive and socioemotional changes you experienced during adulthood.
 Describe any personal challenges you faced in adulthood, and explain how they affected your family.
 Explain how these challenges influenced your different life roles.
 Describe the effect that balancing life roles has had on your adult development.
 Describe what you have learned from these experiences.
 Identify specific experiences that will assist you when counseling adults and explain why.
Format your analysis consistent with APA guidelines. (Though there is no minimum number of professional resources, inclusion of peer-reviewed articles and/or professional resources is strongly encouraged to maximize analysis.)
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