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BUS 490 Quiz 3 NEW

BUS 490 Quiz 3 NEW
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BUS 490 Quiz 3 NEW
Question 1
  Collecting and evaluating information on competitors is essential for successful
Question 2
  The process of performing an external audit needs to include
Question 3
  What level of bargaining power do consumers have when the products being purchased are standard or undifferentiated?
Question 4
  ________ perhaps has instituted the most protectionist measures in recent months by raising tariffs on most imports and subsidizing its own exports.
Question 5
  If suppliers are unreliable or too costly, which of these strategies may be appropriate?
Question 6
  Hawaii, California, and ________ already have no majority race or ethnic group.
Question 7
  In general, what happens to American goods in overseas markets when there is a strong dollar?
Question 8
  Which of the states below has the youngest average population?
Question 9
  What are educated assumptions about future trends and events called?
Question 10
  The responsibilities of a director of competitive analysis include all of the following except:
Question 11
  What is the first step in designing an EFE Matrix?
Question 12
  Many economists say the current rash of trade constraints will make it ________ for global economic growth to recover from the global recession.
Question 13
  Freund emphasizes that key external factors should be all of these except:
Question 14
  A total weighted score of _______ in an EFE Matrix indicates that the firm's strategies are not capitalizing on opportunities or avoiding external threats.
Question 15
  Without assumptions, planning would be

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