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ACC 556 Week 3 Crooked Scenario 3 NEW
ACC 556 Week 3 Crooked Scenario 3 NEW
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ACC 556 Week 3 Crooked Scenario 3 NEW

1. Define and describe Theft Act Investigative Methods.
2. What is a Vulnerability Chart and how, when and why is it used?
3. Define Invigilation and discuss how, when and why it is used.
4. Discuss the steps in obtaining electronic evidence.
5. To what are Concealment Investigative Methods primarily related?
6. Discuss the following concealment investigative techniques: a. Audits
7. What is Discovery Sampling and what are some of its pitfalls and challenges?
8. For what two purposes are Conversion Searches conducted?
9. From Chapter 9 select eight total investigative sources (two each from Governmental, Private, Online and Internet Search sources), and describe how you might use these in investigating fraud.
10. What is the The Net Worth Investigation Method? How and why is it used?

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