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MKT 445 Week 3 Learning Team Sales Plan Phase Two

MKT 445 Week 3 Learning Team Sales Plan Phase Two
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MKT 445 Week 3 Learning Team Sales Plan Phase Two

Resources: Sales Plan: Phase One paper, University Library, Internet


Utilize the organization and paper from Sale Plan: Phase One.


Write a 2,500-word minimum sales plan report that includes 12–22 pages in length with charts and data graphs. In the sales plan report you must include the following:

·         Executive summary

·         Description of your selected product or service from the previous week

·         Outline of where your product or service is in the product life cycle from the previous week

·         Environmental scan from the previous week

·         Situation analysis from the previous week

·         SWOTT analysis from the previous week

New information

·         Sales goals: Marketing; sales potential; and sales forecast chart with assumptions

·         Strategic plan: Sales strategy and customer relationship strategy

·         Tactics

·         Budget in spreadsheet format

·         Measurement tools

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


Power Point Presentation: each team will present a 7-10 minute overview of their Sales Plan Phase 2 information

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