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FIS 250 Week 7 DQ 1 And DQ 2
FIS 250 Week 7 DQ 1 And DQ 2
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FIS 250 Week 7 DQ 1 And DQ 2

Week 7 DQ 1

Review the coverage provided by Section 1 of the Homeowners 3 policy on pp. 445–451 and Appendix A of the text. Recall that Section 1 coverage include Coverage A: Dwelling, Coverage B: Other structures, Coverage C: Personal property, Coverage D: Loss of use, and Additional coverage.
Choose two of Section 1 coverage and explain how they are important. Provide examples of how a homeowner could be personally affected if not insured for the coverage you chose.
Comment on your classmates’ posts by describing situations in which exclusions or limits may apply and how the homeowner could be affected.

Week 7 DQ 2

What must an insurer and insured do following a loss to a home covered by a homeowner’s policy? Discuss one requirement of each party and describe why you think each requirement is in place. How would each requirement benefit each party?

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