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EED 400 Objective Test Assignment

EED 400 Objective Test Assignment
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EED 400 Objective Test

Resources: Tips for Designing Teacher-Made Tests located on your student Web site, and Ch. 7 of Classroom Assessment for guidelines regarding writing test questions Select one of the following goals: The students will understand the principles of multiplication. The students will comprehend the causes of earthquakes. The students will infer meaning from a story. The students will understand the events that led to the Civil War. Find and include an appropriate state standard from the Taskstream Standards Manager, using the goal to guide you. Write a measurable objective based on the related content in that standard. (Please refer to your text for examples to guide you)

Create an objective test with a key for scoring. The test must be a minimum of 20 questions and vary in format every five questions. Format options for objective tests include multiple choice, fill in the blank, true or false, short answer, or matching test items.

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