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EDU 381 Week 3 Lesson Plan

EDU 381 Week 3 Lesson Plan
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EDU 381 Week 3 Lesson Plan

We have examined a variety of instructional models. Select one of the models we have learned about and create a lesson plan (based on academic standards) using that instructional model. Be sure to address each of the items below in your lesson plan:

Identify the instructional model you have chosen.

State the academic standards on which the lesson is based.

Describe grade level your lesson is written for.

Write one ‘students will understand’ objective, at least two ‘students will know’ objectives, and at least two ‘students will be able to do’ objectives to meet the academic standard you have chosen.

Include assessments that will be utilized.

Explain the procedures you will use to teach the lesson. Your lesson plan should be written using the KUD format as shown in your course textbook. See examples in Chapters 4-10 

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