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EDL 515 Week 5 Individual Structural Frame

EDL 515 Week 5 Individual Structural Frame
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EDL 515 Week 5 Individual Structural Frame

Complete each part of the Structural Frame assignment.

Part I: Structural Frame Wiki

For this assignment, the class creates a complete informative wiki on the topic of structural frames.

Post at least two entries in the Structural Frame Wiki. Refer to Ch. 7 & 8 in Reframing the Path to School Leadership as needed.


Part II: Reflection


Use the wiki as a reference to write a 350- to 700-word reflection that addresses the following:


· What is your personal level of strength within the structural frame?

· What can you do to facilitate your own personal growth as a teacher leader within the structural frame?

· How will you work within the structural frame to be a social architect in your school setting?

· What are some of the benefits and challenges you have experienced in the structural frame?

· What were the most valuable elements you learned from the Structural Frame Wiki? How can you apply what you have learned?


Submit a copy of your wiki entries from Part 1 and your Part 2 reflection to your instructor. 

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